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Plugin Sniper is perfect for Wordpress Fans

If you have a Wordpress site then Plugin Sniper will help you load it up with great plugins! No matter what your niche you can find exactly what plugins your competition use. This will fast track results BIG TIME!

Plugin Sniper is also the fastest way to find out who needs your Wordpress plugins and services! Knowing what plugins a site already has makes it easy to structure compelling deals and offer better plugins than the ones they already use.

Find Profitable Wordpress Clients

If you offer Wordpress solutions you want to know what plugins a company is using. Why?

Because this shows you what's working, what's important to them and whether or not they spend money.

There are millions of businesses running Wordpress and many of these spend thousands of dollars each year on their web presence.

They are always looking out for ways to improve sales and business processes and Plugin Sniper can help you help them do just that.

It's also one of the fastest ways to locate profitable clients.

You only need 10 - 20 good Wordpress clients to make a healthy six figure income. Find out how below.

Any business who has two or more professional plugins installed is a great prospect and can be worth $5000 - $40000 a year to you.

A great strategy is to licence plugin packages on a monthly basis as this creates recurring income. Licencing 10 plugins @ $150 p/m ea will bring in 18k a year. With so many Wordpress developers around it's easy to outsource that side of the operation too.

What we're after are
clients who SPEND MONEY
If 56 Companies spend $1,495 a month with you that will bring over 1 million dollars into your business each year. How would that be?


Find out what plugins the competition use

Find profitable companies in any niche and location

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Plugin Sniper

100% NO QUESTIONS Money Back Guarantee!

Run an ecom store?

Plugin Sniper is a great plugin to have if you run an ecom store because it allows you to see what plugins your competition are using. This can help fast track results because you can use the best plugins in your niche and get valuable insights into what's working for your competition.

Sell Wordpress solutions and plugins?

Pick the low hanging fruit! Use Plugin Sniper to find companies who need your plugins and services.

Which Wordpress sites spend money on plugins?
When plugin results appear they are linked to the Wordpress library. If all the plugins appear in the library then the company probably only uses free plugins and aren't a great prospect.

If plugins don't appear in the Wordpress library then Google the name and see if there was a launch. Any plugins that were launched will also include the price. This tells us the company probably invested in the plugin and also what it spent.

Deal Structures
A great strategy is to create 3 plugin packages and licence them to businesses on a monthly basis. Position them at $1195, $1495 and $1995 and stack the $1495 package with the most plugins. What are the best plugins to offer? SEO and user engagement plugins. SEO will bring new customers to the site and user engagement will help generate leads and close sales. (chat, video engagement, etc)

Which businesses to target?
Companies who spend money on search are great prospects. They often spend between 2k and 10k a month. If you have plugins that can help them rank high in the organic listings and stand out they will happily consider redirecting $1500 away from search to you.

Profit Formular
Finding 5 clients a month will result in 60 clients a year. 60 x $1500 x 12 months can bring in over a million dollars to your business over the course of a year. Ready for an extra million in the bank!?

Fast Track Results!
Load your niche site up with the best plugins. Create reports for potential customers on their competition. Load your clients sites up with the best plugins in their niche. Plugin Sniper can help bring a lot of new sales into your business starting right now!

This amazing plugin may only be around for a short while so make sure you get it while it's available.


Plugin Sniper

P.S: 100% NO QUESTIONS Money Back Guarantee!

P.P.S: Once a certain amount of sales have been reached the plugin will be removed. This is an exclusive plugin.
Past plugin lovers are still on waiting lists so don't be left behind on this one.

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